Lost and Found

As we are becoming. Becoming who we would have been if no one has pushed their agendas or opinions. We find ourselves in and out of lost and found.

You say “I am lost”

Yet you are are still here and whatever present task you have. That gives you purpose however big or small.

No one tells you about how you send request up to God. Making your request known as it is written. There isn’t a same day shipping for some blessing. There is a waiting room. You don’t automatically realize you are in the waiting room at first.

Due to the world in your head taking you through familiar lands of fear, anxiety and hopelessness. You’ve been to these places before. Something is different about them now. You look around heart racing, blinking and shifting your body.

What you have realized in that moment is this place never will be the way out of the waiting room. Someone reminds you that life is working for you and not against you. That person is you trying to breakthrough during the breakdown. Will you let the real you emerge?

Is it easier to keep doing what you’ve always done. You resolve to break the shell. Tears come like a flood. As sorrow is released. Your heart expands. Something is different. You don’t mind waiting. As you wait you meet stillness, joy, love and peace. Even wisdom comes to stay.

Friends you’ve never had before now beating down the door of your heart to get in. Not a knock to harm but a gentle caress that absorbs you.

As you enjoy your new friends. This inspires you to praise. Look at that another new friend. God inherits your praise this is good.

You have found contentment, healing and new friends. Then God says your ready for more than what you asked me for.

You were thinking lower than I planned. So I took you low to bring you high to recieve what I desire for you. Though no one may understand what we’ve been through to get you here. Ignore them.

I was with you. I am with you. I will be with you. I got you.


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