Yes You Are!!

If you are still breathing and well enough to read these words. You have a God-sent mission.

You are enough. More than some popular catchphrase. More than likes and status updates. More than your mistakes. Even if you think you aren’t qualified. If no one claps or pats you on the back. You are purposed to touch hearts and shift minds.

Maybe you are unsure what your mission is. I don’t have the lock and key on purpose. I do believe it starts with actively loving, praying, giving, showing mercy. Forgiving and serving with our gifts.

If you are building a foundation with those tools. You are bound to meet purpose and timing. On the days when you don’t believe you are good enough. Breathe deep that is purpose. Hand over your heart that is purpose. Look around that is purpose. Tasting your favorite meal and laughter. That is purpose. Touching the finishline having let your light assassinate darkness that is purpose.

You are purposed.

“What you’re becoming doesn’t have to reflect anything anyone’s ever seen in themselves or in you”.

Becareful when it comes to the second leading cause of insecurity: self-preoccupation. Self-preoccupation assumes that every slight, every rejection, every awkward interaction is about you.

The answers to life’s grand questions aren’t always easy to come by. Be it the solution to your deepest needs or the healing to your biggest wounds, you do not always have the solution.

Look up.

I leave that to your own interpretation but for me that means Yahweh.

He who can create a way out of no way. Not because anyone pass this belief onto me but because I’ve stood in desolate places in this life and seen the impossible manifest. It had absolutely nothing to do with me per say. My faith made it whole. A measure of faith given from above.

Sounds like fairytales when you focus on all the ugly but there is goodness beyond self reserved for you and me.

Your past is no longer relevant. Whether people abused or esteemed you. The one who created you thinks very highly of you.

Look up!


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