Thin Air

I stand before you but you do not know who I am

You call me sis, friend, cousin and fam

I bend myself like an acrobat

Hand you the roadmap

Show you genuine and authentic

You say I’m just pretending

All based on that one time I was out of damns to give

You chain me to that incident and refuse to let me live

So no you do not know me

This face I wear ain’t phony

I don’t have time to hold a facade

I am no fraud

If I dim my light around you

It’s to let you be blue

Why pour out my words if you will not let them serve as glue

In safe spaces I laugh loud

I stand out in a crowd

Proudly I wear my crown

As you look on me and frown

Some how my joy upsets you

For what reason I have no clue

If you wonder why I don’t come around

For your self absorption to thrive I must shove my light way down

For you to walk the ground

I wasn’t created to be invisible

Love is not conditional

My presence is formidable

I am the wind to the breeze

Root to the trees

Cost to the fees

I am me

I don’t care what you see

You will feel me

I am air


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