Jolly Good Segway

There are people who come only to take. You can’t see anything but their teeth when they need something, as my grandmother would say.

It is up to us to give and to say “no” when needed. Stand firm in our light, and truth. The people who get us. Know without explaination how we want to be treated. They will know how to hold it down or up for us vice-versa.

We will find ourselves drowning trying to swim for everyone. And let’s be honest letting go doesn’t feel liberating or relieving at first. It feels like a funeral and you’re the only one there.

I don’t know about you but I can’t participate in relationships that aren’t true any longer. And I wear no guilt over my skin for that. Your existence is a blessing. Find a balance between not being so hard on yourself while also not giving up hope for progression.

Don’t sell yourself short. Please remember that access to fear is granted by the voice you listen to. Be it the inner critic or outside opinions. This is my jolly good unsolicited advice.


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