Visionaries Never Fail

As he climbs upon this mountain

They said that he would fail

He lift his hands to the sky because he broke the shell

Pushing through discomfort

Real love discovered

Had it not been for the bumps and bruises

Going where he chooses

He found the wins where they thought he would loose it

Thinking of a master plan

Game plan attached to his hands

Leap of faith with no sight were he lands

Slayed the giants

Taking clients

Business is thriving

Hope surviving

Blessing in the storm

So he learned

Every victory he earned

They ask how

He bows

To the one

Who sent his son

His armor is hiding his scars

He’s come so far

Comparison is the thief of joy

Don’t envy him with no idea what he had to endure

Knocking even when the doors were closed in his face

With a relentless determination no rejection could erase

No moves made with haste

Smooth operator moonwalking at his on pace

Nothing can compare to staring victory in the face

Not his first or last race


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