Poetry Prompt: Rejection

I dare not to speak the name

Ever since I peeped game

Stood in it to get through it

Equipped with prayers and witt

Was too legit to quit

What if I tell you how I danced so hard

Until time passed on and healed all my scars

How I laugh so loud

Caused joy to reign over gray clouds

Broke off an engagement with fear

Let love and grace draw near

Dugged deep and saw every layer

Learned that doubt was only a wicked betrayer

Uprooted the weeds

That screamed validate me please

Sowed seeds on rich soil

Discovered self love is loyal

Turned the volume down on the naysayers

Turned up the record player

Can’t steal something I don’t freely give

See me forgive and live

Swaying side to side

While God provides

I smile to pay homage to the tears I cried

This joy, I just can’t hide

No pride

Self acceptance as my guide

Some have said rejection is redirection

I now know it’s your identity protection

Wasted energy detection


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