Fly High

There is a race to be ran

Turning can’t into can

As we proceed we must take only what we need

Suffering as we plead

Bargining our behavior in hope’s of a favor

Faith is equal parts, prayer and labor

Be still to allow what is beyond us to work

Moving these hands to purge the hurt

With disaster we flirt

Beautiful flowers pushing through dirt

Pen to paper

Not goodbye but see you later

Real friends would not be a secret hater

Will you believe

If faith stays know that doubt must leave

Dying to self over and over

Lessons are why we look over our shoulder

Unforgiveness feels like running up hills pushing a boulder

So why hold on

When the past has come and gone

We are getting older

World growing colder

Get up and try

It’s ok if you cry

You can fly

From caterpillar to butterfly

Give it your all

You ain’t out for the count even if you fall


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