The Tough Ones

It’s cliche I know. “Tough times don’t last but tough people do”.

The stories I could share.
One thing after another.

The moments of feeling lost and unloved.

The path from broken down to standing solid is one crazy ride.

However, the miracles, the kind people and breakthroughs surpass all the horrible unthinkable things that have happened.

Funny how many chapters we have that will probably go to our graves with us.

Therefore only one or two people will really hold space for our whole self and see us.

I’m ok with that. Get ok with that.
I’m ok with not making sense to people.
It’s ok.

I know what’s it’s like to be the flower that grows through the cracks in concrete proving natures law wrong.

You can bloom wherever you are planted.

When given the choice you can uproot.

Go grow and glow where the love is because sometimes healing cannot come in the same places that broke you down.

Be you fully.

See you.

Know you.

Reach above and beyond yourself and know who created you.

Even when you know full well there are people who will never truly see you. Truth is they reject you because they aren’t solid in themselves. Some pretend you’re invisible to have power over you. They want to trick you into doubting yourself.


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