Between Me, You & Liberation


Liberation is a blessing worth the journey. Understanding that your journey is not like mine and mine not like yours. As our paths cross we may encourage and root for one another. Respect and hold space with each other and value the differences in perspectives and belief systems. Liberation according to the dictionary is the act of setting someone free from imprisonment, slavery, or oppression. Liberation to me means a homecoming, you know coming home to yourself. A falling away of what isn’t really you. In order for this to occur, we must surrender.

It feels like we are handed a script on how life should go. We must stop for a moment and reject the world’s truth. So that we do not drown out, forget or never discover our own. Let’s not exchange our authenticity for membership. Folding to fit in and compromising our moral fabric for the sake of being down. We must stay the course and create our own paths. Standing alone can be an uphill battle but can essentially usher in an inner peace that happiness does not bring. Happiness says that “I am happy so long as the conditions are right”. Inner peace proclaims ” I flow no matter the conditions because I am a constant no matter what is outside of me”.

There is this pretend culture online that advocates healing but negates wholeness. The internet connects us but it disconnects us. True healing is in fact ugly crying, dying to self, uncertainty and loses. Leading us into a rebirthing of who we were. Before labels and conditions are placed on us. This will lead to uncovering parts of ourselves that we do not like. If we ignore this part of the process. It leads to self-sabotage. The walls we build to hide or to keep others out eventually turn on us. Doing the work is liberating. Although at times it feels like standing at the intersection of a breakdown. It is in fact a breakthrough for us to find our purpose and use our voice. To show up and show out as my grandmother would put it. Believe it or not, our deepest struggles are connected to our gifts. Healing is process that can sometimes feel like it has transcended season. However it is only a season that you grow through. I believe that God loves us through people. This is how we expand beyond what happens in life.

The past is set in stone and immovable. Nothing can be changed by carrying that load of guilt, shame, and regret on our backs. All we can do it be present. Live for freedom, realness, and love. Feeing ourselves from old narratives. To step into what serves for the betterment of self, others and the world. We are blessed to be a blessing there is no reason anyone should be imprisoned, enslaved, or oppressed if they are connected to us and we truly love them. If we are in each others space we should be better and make each other better. So we should all be constantly evolving if we are really doing the work. Anyone who chooses to stay in bondage. Please pray for their liberation because living for approval, acknowledgment or validation is the robbery of the true self. We were created for God’s glory and to be a vessel for his truth, love, and light. We do ourselves a grave disservice otherwise. Let yourself and others off the hook and be liberated.

A reminder to remain hopeful:

I hope you don’t lose hope. I hope you choose freedom no matter the state of things around you. I hope you never lose your will to fight. I hope your heart feels light and full to love endlessly. I hope you laugh uncontrollably and smile until your face hurts. I hope you know a love that makes you want to come home to yourself. A love that makes you feel invincible and seen. I hope you’ll shine your light so bright that every life and thing you touch is never the same. You are remarkable. You come from a creator who spoke the world into existence. I hope you know that you can do all things. I hope you know hope is not a joke. Mustard seed is all you need. I hope this reminder plants in a seed.


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