You tried to crush my dreams

Mute me when I sing

Tall I stood letting my freedom ring

You spoke curses with your words

Shouted on Sunday afterwards you used ugly verbs

Said Amen when the preacher spoke

Is this a joke

No we aren’t perfect

Suppose you told me I was worthy

Conveniently you don’t remember, it’s all so blurry

I’m not bitter

Nor a quitter

My pen is a heavy hitter

Tension splitter

I plan to grow a garden

In my heart no longer harden

By people with no power

No knowledge of how to nurture a flower

They say if the soil is right you’ll bloom

Do they speak of the growth in the waiting room

Waiting for the season to change

In close range

Yet so far

You see the scar

From point a to b

Went to therapy

My truth birthed forth the lock and the key

The cycle ends here

No more generations after me inheriting fear


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