You Fit The Description

I remember being eight months pregnant with my daughter. Getting pulled over by a cop as I turned into my neighborhood at nine at night.

Apparently I fit the description of someone who robbed a gas station.

Mind you I could barely tie my shoe or laugh without almost peeing myself.

To add to it. He demanded that I get out of the car.
My daughters father was in the passenger seat and he looked at me.
He said this is your first time being profiled isn’t it.
I said yes.
He said it happens to me all the time.

He told me step out.
Don’t move too much.
Answer his questions calmly.
Even if you are pissed suppress it until he’s gone.

At the time we were in college just trying to finish our last year and cultivate a good life for our baby.
No history of criminal activity.
Just black and breathing.
Someone’s daughter.
Someone’s son.
Someone’s grandchild.

I’m a generally a private person but I know that these stories matter. No need for pity and I don’t seek to cause division. Just think. THINK.


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