Don’t you want to feel at home in your life?

What would you do if you found out that some of the things you hold on to are killing you? If your finger was infected you would have it looked at. You wouldn’t compartmentalize it and maybe deal with it later. That is how we have got to look at things like bitterness, anger, unforgiveness, shame, and fear. Holding on to these things is a slow death.

I encounter so many people on a daily basis that bleed onto others. The hard things they are not willing to face. Infact, I have been one of them. I think there are some important tools that we are supposed to get in childhood. However, when you come into brokenness it’s damn near impossible to come out unscathed. This isn’t the blame game about how parents failed you but a real look at how your past can overshadow your future.

I believe that we all have a value bank account in the compartments of our hearts. We can let what is outside of us teach a lesson. Or allow the outside actions of others to deplete this account. You have to uproot what has been forced on you through projections, assumptions, and opinions.

Find out on purpose. What happens if see you and choose your own self-perception over the naysayers. We have all fallen and had to rise from whatever we managed to get into. So you admit. What is the worse that could happen? What is next for you? We were created to know peace, joy and a abundant life. That’s not to say life will not include some pain. Why should we self-inflict it?

Will you choose you?

Don’t you want to feel at home in your life and not a bystander?


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