They keep asking what are you harvesting this fall

What are you holding up while you stand tall

I know you are all in

Never stalling

The path to the impossible always calling

Heart full of good intent

Constant as you pray and repent

Lean in to the light

Believe beyond sight

Sometimes you don’t choose to let go

Drenched in rain as you are forced to go with the flow

I don’t know

What you may harvest

Trusting God I know he won’t starve us

He knows the plans

Where we’ll land

Always in his hand

Let what is dead fall away

Today is the day

Thoes prayers come to life

In this joy we must delight

The timing will be perfect

The wait it worth it

Sow seeds of joy if you wish to reap laughter

Grow in love until hereafter

Beauty can be birthed from chaos and disasters

I am living proof

Words written rooted in MY truth.


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