Dig In



Fall has arrived and summer is gone. When I think of fall I think of warm drinks, good books, hearty foods, and closeness. For me, fall is often a time for deep transformation. Letting old thing die in and around me. Somethings I have been able to identify and choose. While others were just God doing his thing to help me be a better me.

Where in yourself do you intend to dig beyond the surface and release what has been holding you back? Be it unworthiness, anger, unforgiveness, doubt or fear. Is it serving any purpose on the road to where you are trying to go? I hope that you’ll allow yourself to dig in beyond fear and answer truthfully.

Who are we kidding this world is upside down.  I don’t know about you but I want to add to the healing and light. So here’s to all the light that darkness cannot have because we are going to use this season to dig in and work on ourselves.

Cry it out. Write it out. Dance it out. Hug it out. Talk it out. Walk it out.

Whatever way you choose to release whatever isn’t working for you. I hope you reach the other side of this season having found your voice.






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