The Sweetest Thing


These late-night conversations dreaming and planning.

Speaking better into existence, this is enchanting

Bow our heads for prayer before our feet hit the floor

Pray for protection as we head out the door

Making moves to secure our future

We keep the faith and stay true to our vision

Trusting precision

Sowing the seeds of greatness we wish to reap

Letting go of the things that lead to defeat

Learning better ways

Praying for better days

Escaping the Maze

This insomnia is just a faze

Looking for blue skies because we’ve seen so many grays

Adversity gave way to the heart expanding

Standing tall in who we are is grandstanding

Look up

Don’t doubt

Don’t count yourself out

Stay ready
Stay willing

Even when you fall, you ain’t out for the count.

Storms come and winds blow

Even in brokenness the light can glow

You are within reach

Consider my speech

Laughter, loveliness, and ease

Already Yours

Stay ready to walk through the doors

On this hope, I hope you will cling

This is the sweetest thing


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