Deep Breathes

3951e6c286e2fd8d5cd91b2714d880a4.jpgFor the words we do not say

The things that get in the way

Staying present in today

When we find solutions

Speaking truth with no dilution

It’s a revolution

Rising with the sun

Catching our breath as we run

Hoping the shooters put down their gun

Knowing God will fight these battles

Picking up the mantles

Letting go of old things

Excited about what joy brings

Fist up, letting freedom ring

It’s my song to sing

Story to tell

You don’t know me well

You wouldn’t chain me to all the times I fell

Staying grounded

I’m well rounded

Lost my voice and then I found it

I never fumbled

Although I stumbled

Sigh of relief

I’ll be brief

With the miserable I do not beef


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