Poem: Surfing

Remember to breathe.

Wave after wave

No longer a slave of what they think of me

Free to be

How can I pretend that these waves aren’t cleansing me

Mending me

Sending me

To sit at your feet

Laying out all the currents I know you can defeat

Water washing over me

Taking their control off me

I knew in your hands I could really be

I looked down at the water and I really could not see

As I looked up you defended me

Friends fell off

I’ve learned that ls the cost

When their loyalty is false

Anchored on this path

Doing the math

This part of the cruise it’s only for me

Many people may flee

This is the power of purpose as grand as the sea

So I see

The waves can’t overtake me

Sharks can’t break me

Walking on these waves with the one who made me

Even if they shade me

This light will shine

I serve a God who can heal the blind

No need to kill with kindness, compassion is fine

One foot in front of the other because my faith is the sign

In the midst of despair

Prayer and faith make the perfect pair

Surfing the waves

As my chest caves

In and out

With no doubt

The secondwind will carry me out

Inspired by a conversation with my husband. On how life circumstances can sometimes feel like waves. We have to adjust and walk on the waves. Teaching us who we truly are. What we are made of. It can show us the quality of the company we keep.


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