Exit Strategy

When the soil is right. You will bloom. Sometimes flowers grow through concrete.🌱

The whole theme of my life recently. Has been God showing me why he uprooted me from where I thought I needed to be. Planted me where I am. I am so full. Praise hands, singing and thank you’s repeatedly doesn’t seem like enough.

It doesn’t make sense when our plans fail. When people reject us. Misinterpret our actions when we are in survival mode. God allows us to see why. His ways and thoughts are SO much higher than ours. It’s too much to wrap our heads around.

Through the years I’ve found that God always meets me in my authenticity. Every time. Without fail. How do you live an authentic life with God?

It always starts with the truth. Tell Christ the whole truth as best you know it, regardless of what your friends or the crowd might say. Speak your truth. Christ longs to love every part of you. The ragged, raw, and emotional parts.The depth of your honesty invites the glory of God’s presence.

People will without fail be unforgiving and judgemental. Living your truth will not ensure a welcomed response but you will be better for it. Live your best life as a thank you note to God and a love letter to yourself. All hell breaks loose sometimes this is an exit strategy to a better life. A greater love. A grand existence. Allowing us to become who we are instead of who we thought we needed to be. Some hard times come simply to teach us the art of letting go.



7 thoughts on “Exit Strategy

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    1. Thank you! Yes, we have to know when to allow ourselves to be led by Christ and not by the bitterness and discontentment that this could stir up in us. So that our lives are more than just a fight or over explaining who we are.


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