Microphone Check 1, 2, 1, 2 (Gentle Reminder)

Heyyyyyy my people! (writers and reader tribe). Hope you all are feeling well or on the path to wellness.

I read somewhere that today is international self-care day. I am starting to cringe when I hear the word self-care because it feels overused.

However, I do believe that it is imperative that we are intentional about taking care of ourselves so that we may continue to assemble authentic community.

“You are a visionary and not a victim”.-Valencia D. Clay

When you are a victim people ride with you. When you start growing and changing people say you are acting funny. Funny thing when you see the vision for your life you go from victim to visionary.

You can’t expect people to believe in the vision the way that you do when they haven’t seen the vision. Don’t go down and try to bring them up. It leaves you straddling a place that you can’t operate the vision from.

If you stay true to the vision and trust the process. It is your purpose that may cause them to rise. Leaving people behind to follow your life path does not make you superior to them. Nor should you stand on your tip toes and look down on them.

You are also not responsible for the insecurities and triggers that rise in people who want nothing more than for you to remain the same for their benefit or comfort.

There are seasons that require us to walk alone. To get to who we need to be to operate in what you are born for. So let us be mindful not to personalize the transformations of others.

Sometimes it’s not personal and it can be hard to articulate the transformation. It’s a love language understood when leaning into the heart of God. A personalized communication between us and God.

Take time to breathe easy.

Read books that peak your interest.

Remember prayer does change things including the one doing the praying.

Take walks, get fresh air and natural sunlight on your face.

Stay hydrated. Challenge your perspective.

Sing on or off key. Love in your language. Laugh loud. Laugh more.

Explore and travel.

Please know that it’s ok to disconnect to become connected to what serves your highest good.

The media shares so many horrendous things but I believe there is still good in this world because you exist.

Take care.

Stay intentional.


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