Poem: Wandering and Wondering

Wandering in the wilderness

Found bliss

Stripped of what was old

Far removed from things that could taint your soul

Living life an open book

What about the page they took

Taking kindness for weakness

Threatened by the light of your uniqueness

You should tell your stories

How they taught you to maintain peace

When facing a beast

The truth doesn’t change because its rearranged

Facts remain allow their opinions to be estranged from your brain

Memories bring you back to your change

The struggle was not in vain

Tears were the bodies way of releasing pain

They still wouldn’t love you if remained the same

It’s all a game

Authentic community matters

Pockets getting fatter

Profiting off the oppressed

You will never be rescued by the self obsessed

No second guess

We must save ourselves

Get lost in the books on the bookshelves

Keep believing


Deep breathing

Never needing validation

Keeping prayer in rotation

Wandering in the wilderness

The process is rigorous

Try a little tenderness

You are never too far gone to come home

However, old you is gone

Its not so bad

Transformation is your blessings launch pad

Get ready for greater

All set in motion by our creator

Which version of you will survive this liberation

The one who stands firmly grounded on a solid foundation


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