Poem: Revelations

What if you didn’t have to become less of yourself to survive

Instead you unfolded and came alive

Do you know who you would be

How you would see

Would you move differently

Inspire others to live free

Do you know that there is healing in your laugh

Greatness on your path

Do the math

As told by some who couldn’t add that you wouldn’t amount to anything

Nothing compares to the joy your light brings

When truth speaks

It massacres defeat

Making darkness obsolete

Stop making yourself small

Unapologetically stand tall

Let love heal your scars

Stop locking your truth behind bars

You didn’t come this far to be invisible

Showing up is pivotal

I hope life springs forth from everything you touch

Dont live your life shamed by people out of touch

Connected online

In person everyone seems blind

Compassion is still cool

Treating people with decency is still a worldwide golden rule

Respecting elders

Destroying walls and building bridges

Enjoying life without internet highlights

Moving at your own pace

Looking beyond race

Looking to the character of a person

Who would that be hurting

Remember the times someone jumped to conclusions about you

Is that who you are and what you’ll do

You didn’t ask for the terrible things that happened to you

Hold that same mirror up when you look around at others too


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