Poem: Wings Of Forgiveness

She kept holding on as if this made her strong

This narrative was outdated and wrong

Until one day she could not stand the pain

As her grip loosened her eyes began to rain

Indecision she could no longer sustain

Fake love from one sided friendships

Broken pieces from kinship

Careful of whose cup she sips

Sipping from people with ill intent

Who don’t know love and won’t repent

Learning that you can’t take in all that you see

Some things aren’t what they appear to be

She didn’t think she had to guard her heart with them

Everytime she let them in she drowned as they swim

Swimming in her kindness and wisdom

Unable to be her support system

What if she treated them like they treat her

It’s all a blur

No blurring the lines of right and wrong

Truth is strong

So is she

She let go

Going with the flow

Loving in her glow

Keeping her business on the low

Knowing that bitterness could block all she prayed for

Holding it down didn’t seem so appealing when she could soar

This was inspired by my grandmother and many women I know that feel they go unseen and unheard. I see you. I value you. You do not need to die to get flowers from me. Sisterhood is special to me. Community fuels and recharges. May we never forget this in a world constantly advocating ghosting and emotional unavailability.


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