A Love Letter: Coming Home to You

“The special thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back. Home is where love resides”.
We spend our whole lives in search of our homes. Our place of belonging. Where there is love, safety and warmth. I have stood at the crossroads trying to decide whether to go left or right. I have been amazing a some things. Others I have failed. Thoes moments built character.
I have learned that forgiveness is a lifestyle practice. That must be practiced toward ourselves others often. I have discovered that we always end up where we should because God’s timing and plan. Our mission on earth is that purposeful and monumental.
The world is big yet sometimes so small. With a balance of breathtaking and core shaking moments. Many transformations that we go through set our souls on fire. Through faith and resilience we come out on the other side.
In all that there is to see and do. Nothing compares to coming home.
I once read a a zen proverb that read. “Man stands in his own shadow and wonders why it’s dark”. At its core, the shadow is the collective name given to aspects of ourselves we are not taking ownership of. Due to fear.
It is important to take a look within and decided what belongs and what has served its purpose.
We then
simply come home to who we really are.
You need no permission.
No one has to bless the journey for it to be what is right for you.
I hope you reach home.

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