Poem: Rising In Your Light

Hey you with no make on

No money for the beauty salon

Sweatpants and wild hair

Feelings of having nothing to wear

You are beautiful

Self abuse so unsuitable

Your beauty is skindeep

Don’t let lack make you weep

All that you need is within

Head high, let me see that grin

Wide hips

Full lips

Full brow

It’s a trend now

I know you remember being bullied for these attributes

Back then they weren’t cute

The way your body curves

They buy this now, (hmph) the nerve

Wide nose

Skin that glows

You’ve always been magic

Resilience automatic

Lower your shoulders

Stop running up hill holding boulders

Sit with yourself

Fight for your health

Forgiveness to the spaces

That left traumatic traces

Perfection isn’t possible

Obtaining it is impossible

Strip down everything that isn’t you

Let your authenticity shine through

Release the tension

It no longer needs your attention

You’re beautiful without intention


8 thoughts on “Poem: Rising In Your Light

Add yours

      1. You’re welcome! I am doing pretty well. Listening to music and hoping the rain stops here today. It’s been nonstop for a few days. How are you?


      2. Since October 2016 but journaling since I was old enough to write my name. It’s therapeutic because throwing things isn’t acceptable ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚


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