Poem: Silent No More

All the words since birth floating in her body

The ones she couldn’t handle but somehow managed to embody

If she yells

Oh the tales they tell

The ones rejected making her larynx swell

With no voice

Now hoarse

Unable to use her voice as a force

Do you think because she does not speak

That her pain ain’t deep

Gasping for air

Knees bowed and hands lifting up prayer

Maybe next time she has something to say

They won’t use their voice as a weapon to get in her way

Will she care on that day

Her river has ran dry for too long

She’s finding home

With the words all gone

She put them in a song

Choking on silence

Is a deadly violence

Unspoken words will riot

They will no longer make her be quiet

Speaking what’s real to her

Admitting what she would prefer

Decades of her life once filling her throat

Through her writing and singing she would now emote

Letting go of the past is harder than it seems

With all the darkness now gone her light really beams


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