Poem: Uphill Battles

The longer I walk with Christ, the more I find myself in logic-defying situations

Where my faith is tested and shakes my foundation

Not wanting to loosen this grip

Knowing the tighter I hold on I trip and slip

Mustard seed is all I need

Yet I bargain and plead

Can we skip this part

Where it feels like all good things depart

Things die in and around me

I’m believing though I cannot see

These waves of emotions

Sweep over me like an ocean

Where are you I cry out

You say that like an eagle I must fly out

Soaring above the roar

As you open many doors

Down on this floor

Uttering words only mean’t for you

Letting this prayer do what it do

All I really need is to see you

I’m made in your image

Even with my flaws and every blemish

Also in your likeness

As your child I’ll rise up and fight this

Giving all my worries a goodnight kiss

Sending fear into the abyss

Hitting the devils schemes with my fist

Taking pity off the guest list

You are no genie so I’ll make no wish

I’ll stand still and hold my peace

As I know from all the receipts

You’ll fight for me

You are right for me

Even when I go left

You continue to sustain me with your breath

I don’t know why you choose me

Comfort and hold me

Why you still love me when you know the old me


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