Poem: The Benefit Of Doubt

Holding in your hands all these plans

To laugh with you

Watching you overcome and breakthrough

Friends are held in high regard

Somehow healing what’s been scarred

Knowing the times you failed and have been let down

Never letting shame take your crown

Your resilience is beautiful

Intentional heart irrefutable

Thank you for being a friend

Next of kin

Rooting to see wins

Pulling out what you see within

Nothing is perfect

That’s for certain

In a world full of ugliness

Its important to celebrate our worthiness

I can see your flaws

Judging you, that ain’t my call

So I’ll be mindful to uphold grace

Remind you that you aren’t your mistakes

Don’t be alarmed

My kindness is unarmed

First do no harm

My name is benefit of doubt

May I come into your house

Sit In your heart

Show you how to start

Considering that people aren’t all bad

Explaining compassion on my notepad

May your discernment be pure

Assumptions aren’t the cure

Let’s build a bridge and knock down the walls

Own our truth and stand tall


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