Poem: Favorite Spot

You pulled me in close

Smiling, whispering and doing the most

On this life raft I could coast

Forever and I dont mean to boast

A place where time doesn’t exist

No battles to fight or holding up my fist

Making a list

Notations of all I have to be thankful for

Here me sing and roar

I love the sun shining on my face

That hope feeds my soul what defeat tried to erase

Cried a billion rivers I released the trauma

Swam many oceans to separate myself from drama

The cold didn’t mold me

Fear couldn’t hold me

These sheets know what we play on repeat

No need for receipts

Lying here with you

Worries are few

Goodbye to yesterdays gray

Today we pray

That many more days show up

Blessings erupt from our praise

We will live in our bubble until the end of our days

In this place

At this pace

A marathon not a race

I believe this is how harmony taste

Two become one

We’ve only just begun

If we stay rooted

In here secluded

We will shine and light up this galaxy

Will you marry me

I said yes

Many years later still claiming my favorite spot on your chest


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