Poem: Can I Holla at You

For what it’s worth I prayed

Eventhough you preyed

Mistook my kindness as a weakness

I would usually swallow these words but it’s high time I speak on this

Making myself comfortable sitting here

Rising above all that tried to push me into fear

These are weird times we live in

Clapping and genuinely hoping to see you win

You have become accustomed to fake and phony

When I show up you do not know me

Allow me to sit with you

Introduce myself and make mellow what has become blue

My intentions are pure, it is based on where I am with myself

Knowing that healing is shared wealth

So I move right with no ill intent

Going where I have been divinely sent

My time is spent

Watering my garden

Making sure my heart isn’t harden

Pulling up weeds

Obtaining the keys

To unlock what’s been blocked

I won’t regret pouring kindness even if its mocked

I know estrangement and being the other

With bitterness and resentment I do not bother

My worth I will not barter

I have danced the dance of overextending

Shrinking and bending

No more will I walk this path for those unaware of who they are

I am light, a guiding star

When you tell the story of why we no longer speak

Please dont stand on your soapbox or the mountain peak

I tried, I waited, my eyes and heart leaked

I won’t carry shame

Or even point blame

Who I was is no longer the same

As we depart

You’ll always occupy a space in my heart

My love has no end or start

It’s a continual circle

Your misunderstanding will not taint what cannot be quantified through virtual

Social media is scary

I will not tarry

Tie myself to highlight reels

Easily offended and what isn’t real

I won’t take you so serious

I am curious

Why does my kindness make you so furious


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