Living With A Whole Heart: A Mission Statement

I make a difference ❤

I believe in living a peaceful, intentional and exciting life. The road may be bumpy. And the future unknown. But I will not sit by idle as my life wanders aimlessly with no direction.

I admit that I am not reckless. I am careful.I am not weird or lost. I am selective, intentional and cautious and that is ok.

I want the people in my life, those who matter to see a compassionate, humble and optimistic person. I want them to see love, humor, flaws-and-worthiness. I am at peace with everyone not seeing these things in me. The real ones know how to see and treat what I reflect. I am okay with not being perfect and I will not try to be. I commit to daily resolutions and revolutions.

I live passionately. I want to love and laugh until my side hurts. I want my faith to grow beyond what I can fathom and keep believing in what my eyes can’t see. I do not like to participate in violence of any kind but I will remain armed with the intellectual ability to clapback to defend myself.

I want to leave people better than I found them. And I will not rearrange myself when met with difficult people. I want to go on adventures and grow old with my husband and watch my daughter live in her light. Above all else I want to fulfill my purpose and make God smile. If you happen to smile I’d love that too.


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