Poem: Break The Cycle

You were dealt a bad hand

Want someone to understand

It was not fair, that is so true

Still, it’s up to you

How you play those cards

Pick at the wound or heal the scars

The actions that follow are yours

Open the windows break the hinges off the doors

To your soul

Would you like to be made whole

You had no control

When your abusers were on a roll

The actions toward you

Yet you still grew

Trying to oversee justice

Searching for substance

When it rained it poured

All that pain you stored

It’s ok to let the poison out

Disarm fear and doubt

Repeat the cycle

Or recognize your survival

Poison your future with unforgiveness

Leave it all behind with a quickness

The cycle can be broken

Pledge your devotion

Take a chance you are worth it

Seeking approval is worthless

When you chuck up the deuces

They will call you ruthless

You know what the truth is

Backhanded compliments

Downplaying your accomplishments

Who is in charge

Let go so your territory can be enlarged

The cycle can be broken

Create a new future with these words I’ve spoken


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