Poem: Passing These Things On To You

Make certain the ones after me don’t inherit silence

Mindful not to fill their hearts with words full of violence

Advise that they don’t have to live life paranoid

Throwing shade to fill a void

Teaching them to forgive

In the worst of times, hold on to their will to live

Although I cannot hand you a roadmap

I can show that there is always a way back

Back to self

When you mistakenly put yourself on a shelf

You don’t have to be like everybody else

Misused by those who say they are lovers

Sheep in wolves clothing come in sisters and brothers

Trying to wear family skin to blend in

That blood doesn’t always make you feel kin

Hoping they never forget this notion

How to build a life vest

Made out of you can’t save the world so honey please rest

Teach them how to love self

So that when takers come along you don’t give up your breath

Water them with love

Showing how to repel opinions and mistaken identity

Take power over the enemy

Keep looking up

Affirm that God will always give the hookup

If you remain him

The light can’t be dim

Great is the person who knows themselves

This truth is real wealth

Never be afraid to ask for help

Cry if you need so your voice doesn’t melt

Know it’s ok to feel what you felt

You are light and air

Don’t worry why they stare

Life just ain’t fair

Don’t be scared

Stay prepared

Love in your heart gives you wings

Its power and prayers in the songs we sing

Truth does sting

It also rings

Loud for all to hear

Be clear

Don’t fear

Stay on your journey

The hard truth is you will face some hurts through love

You come out polished from these rubs

You have loved, and been hurt in return

We all have and it burns

Take some time to receive your healing

No one has ever died from feeling

So smile

You are Golden Chile’

There is nothing wrong with sitting in silence

Sometimes it’s the best way to quiet self-violence

Click here to hear the above poem read live


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