Rooting For You

I know at times you feel slept on

Like they can’t see you in your zone

Maybe it hurts worst because “they” are apart of your village

You thought they would be proud to see you kill it

Maybe in their silence

You shouldn’t create violence

Those who invest in your value will be magnified

Releasing what you don’t need in every tear you have cried

Let go of what’s been weighing you down

Self sacrificing for people who would let you drown

You’re concerns are valid

Where is it getting you singing the same old ballad

I see you fighting to overcome

I hear your determination as you run

I know your gifts are locked and loaded

It’s obvious you choose integrity and never folded

You are golden

I see all the beauty you hold in

No support from friends or kin

Keep going

Keep knowing

That joy really does come in the morning

This is a warning

You will rise if you release

The things that interrupt your peace

March on

Even with their conclusions drawn

You do it for the ones who need healing

Shattering the glass ceiling

It’s not that you are slept on

You are Gods phenomenon

Be silent or yell

This I know for certain it’s your story to tell

I’m rooting for you


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