Why I Write. Why do you Write?


Alot of my poems were written years ago sitting on a job that I loathe working for a very cruel and mean spirited man.

During that time I had no voice. I found my voice and now I share my stories through poetry. I don’t write for likes or validation. I write for the voiceless to awaken. I write for me. For my 7 yr old daughter to never walk in my shoes. To shed light on what’s hard to say.

For the cards I was dealt. Things past me didn’t deserve. I write for healing and hopefully for the healing of another. I don’t care about competitions amongst writers. My writing is bigger than that. Bigger than me.

Everytime I hit publish on my blog site. I’m terrified but like many great writers I’ve studied I write on anyways. The way this world is set up. It’s sometimes the only way to right certain wrongs. Release clutter. To show up whole. To read the stories I can relate to. Why do you Write?


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