Poetry Prompt: Unshakeable

Bring your mistakes into the light

Make known your phlight

I’m no preacher

Possibly a teacher

I’ve fallen a few times

Missed some signs

Heavy is the load of those blinded by self

Selling their soul for power and wealth

Chasing trends

Accepting company of fake friends

No longer aware of where truth and fantasy ends

Standout or blend in

Why pretend

That prayers can’t bleed through this pen

Writing for the girls

With the curls

Who skin offends

My sista-friends

Constantly an outcast

The ones who can outlast

The hatred dished

The ones who need to be nourished

More than their attributes

Who never get tributes

I wont dispute

Someone may feel left out

This is a special shoutout

Someone we must acknowledge

Standing in her womanhood

Often misunderstood

Unshakeable joy

No need to play coy

You deserve an award for this


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