Poetry Prompt: You Are Equipped


You can’t hold me in these chains

Condition me in your brains

I don’t want fame

Not interested in playing your game

You’d have everyone believe that your truth is bible

Labeled misfits, thugs and angry as if this information isn’t libel

I will not support your lie

Busting up your system giving it a black eye

It’s about time that all know the truth

You ain’t writing those rhymes that you spit in the booth

Have you no couth

Let’s raise the roof

Take the lid off the truth

You don’t know me or how I live

How even in lack I selflessly give

A wise man builds a bridge but a fool builds a wall

Does standing on the backs of honest people make you feel tall

Someday the wicked will see their karma

In the meantime, I’ll wear this armor

No place in me for bitterness or anger

Forgiveness keeps me out of danger

Bravery is true beauty

I’ll liberate you for that is my duty

Only if you choose to accept

I won’t overstep

I wrote this for the ones who have lost their depth

Listening to a broken system tell you who you are

Do you really believe they would empower a star

Put down the script

Even if no one supports or validates your gifts you are equipped


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