Poetry Prompt: Outcast


The invite to the table isn’t all its cracked up to be

Everytime I spoke they would silence me

Speaking over my words

As if they were allergic to nouns and verbs

I had something to say

Their envy got in the way

So out of place

Tolerance running out of space

Laughing hoping the awkwardness escapes

What the discomfort creates

Some people like putting on acts

Dancing around truth and eliminating facts

As this age

I turn the page

Holding my words in

Hurts my skin

Jumping to conclusions

Falling into delusion

Believing illusions

Can’t wear a mask on my face

I found a home when you opened your heart

Lying on your chest is how run on sentences start

Seeing the world differently

Things stand out vividly

Sparking this epiphany

To paint this imagery

Maintain your dignity


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