Poetry Prompt: Olive Branch


She lost the key the day that she gave up her voice

Not surrendered by choice

Taken without consent

Trust fractured and spent

Wasn’t afforded the space for her identity to grow

Forced to go with the flow

Carrying unworthiness upon her back

Catching flack and taking smacks

Walking on eggshells

A challenge with no parallels

Apologies extended for mistakes

Hoping to catch a break

Mistaken identity and heartache

Suffering in silence

Self-talk now violent

She fell to her knees as tears filled up the room

Something in her started to bloom

All the misfortune would make sense soon

She rose to her feet

Unable to accept defeat

Once dimmed light shining bright

Surviving dysfunction was her plight

Not in anymore

Born for something greater she knew it in her core

No longer would give up her power

Pain ran deep but the joy would devour

Spoke psalms

That manifested a calm

She was damned if she did and damned if she didn’t

Snatch the key back and freed herself from this prison

Once buried deep but her voice has risen

Unable to be unassertive

You are witnessing a revertive

She takes a knee

Don’t come for her without the map and key

Mind your business and sip your tea

Asking nicely this is not a plea

She is now the lock and key

It’s amazing what comes from setting boundaries

She is me and I am her

No longer a blur

A sister will help you take flight

Please understand these words that I write

We are one in the same when we walk upright

Believe the hype

Unity is not out of sight

We can disagree respectfully

Can all be the key

This is the vision she could see

The day she lost the key


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