Poetry Prompt: Pressure Makes Diamonds

Changes rearrange us

We put up a fuss

These unwelcomed transformations

Lead to beautiful destinations

Tell that to the person in pain

Unable to see gain

Only what is loss

Lost in the sauce

Do you know what it cost

Losing yourself only to find out who you truly are

Went to college

To gain knowledge

That life was going to teach us anyway

Pay back loans any day

Success is yours if you jump these hurdles

Don’t tell you that they made your future infertile

By the time you survive the unthinkable

The kool-aide is undrinkable

But you swallow anyway

In hopes a change will come in any day

So what’s that you say

Seven tools every successful person needs

Like every time I was stifled I didn’t gain these

Chile please

Uproot the weeds

I’m taking the keys

Your system ain’t gon kill me

It don’t feel me

Didn’t you steal me

Wrote over my history

If there is a success key guide you don’t have the mystery

I am the key

Still trying to make a slave out of me

Your baffling

I’m the gold that you stole

Trying to make yourself whole

Soon you’ll pay your toll

We warriors broke the mold


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