Poetry Prompt: Making Amends

Will not let you off the hook

Swear they know you like an open book

Never even read a page

What is with this war they wage

Holding grudges

Holier than thou but forgiveness never nudges

You deserve liberation

Go on and usher in elation

Setting others free

Even when they deny your right to be

Wanting flawless and docile

Coloring outside these lines is hostile

Folding to fit but you’ve outgrown

The you they’ve known

Stop taking the blow

Pleading out in the cold is old

They light a match then ask you to walk on that bridge

Knowing it’s rigged

No attempt to extinguish the flames

Generational patterns of blame

Can’t reach if you don’t aim

It’s all relative

End date tentative

Give and give

Move on and live



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