Poetry Prompt: Living In The Past




Somewhere between vulnerability and advocacy

Explaining my position passionately

Please command your vowels when you say my name

I don’t answer to being misnamed

Some call it foolish or impossible

Holding on isn’t probable

Put me in the dark I’ll glow

The question knows the answers will flow

When the time is right

Out of mind out of sight

I came for the fight

I am above all that you see

Going to cost you an overage fee

Claim innocence or cop a plea

I am me

As deep as the sea

My mother is the ocean

I was not crafted from a love potion

The nightmare you heard about in fairytales

You know me well

I am the fear that consumes

Come to put your destiny in a tomb

Kicked you out your mother’s womb

I am purpose

Not surface

The walk is hard

Pick up your load

Your calling has come, to the past, this is an ode

I am the past

Stop tending to me I will not last


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