What’s On Your Mind?

Mindfulness would be a great practice if it weren’t for the hype. Great articles and hashtags about this practice. The mindset of being still in the current moment. Without trying to alter it by tending to the past or reaching into the future. I was at the mall yesterday with my husband and daughter. I looked around the amount of people on their phones was sad. I wondered how often do people look up and make eye contact.

Do people realize a simple how are you and waiting to see what the other says can make a world of difference. Why do we live as if we are islands. What has happened to cultivating community? I tell myself often the internet isn’t real life for me. I like the milestones each persons shares but I can only take it in doses. So My social media participation is trash.

I am not here to judge just wondering what we can do better to be present because the new way isn’t working. Hashtags and social media platforms about empowerment yet people are unkind and not living out these life practices. They speak of mindfulness, self care and affirming things but have terrible people skills. Say they are for the people but close themselves off to only support people like themselves who have arrived.

If the majority of the people live in the alternate reality of appearing as something but not really walking the walk. What direction are we headed in?



One thought on “What’s On Your Mind?

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  1. Great post. I definitely understand and believe that people do very much spend too long on their phones and not being with others. I do think that we’re losing community and manners and just communicating even a small amount with others and it is sad.

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