Poetry Prompt: Survival Is A Reflex

There is beauty in brokenness

Long before I affirmed and spoken it

If you’ve never been through hell

Then you might not understand the depth of adversities well

It’s in the uncomfortable places

That clears out spaces

Took a long time to grab this lesson

That even in the tears there are still blessings

Weapons form they do not prosper

Fear is an imposter

Not more powerful that God

Feel the warmth and nod

Cracks let the light in

Patience is growing thin

All we need is just one win

Deep sighs and side-eyes

Still like air we rise for the prize

Taking a pause for the cause

You are most beautiful to me when I see your flaws

Don’t die inside hiding disdain

Ask for protection and it begins to rain

Washing away the pain

Loving yourself isn’t vain

Trying so hard to stand firm

The breakdown is how we learn

Reaping a harvest we have earned

Although mouths can’t articulate the heart is willing

Sitting back chilling

Can’t wrap the mind around how we go on

Love like this is the dance and song

Soon truth will find its way home

Inhabiting this body and this skin

That we constantly have to defend

Due to preconceived notions as deep as the ocean

On this road we are unbranded, just coasting.


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