I memorized the way you laugh so deep you stop to catch your breath.
You tilt your head back and grab your chest

The way the world stands still when I lay next to you to rest

An angel told me you were coming into my life and that God was sending his best

So no matter how this world slanders you or views you as a threat

I hope you know God made you in his image and I never read that he had any regret

He made you in his likeness and even sustains your breath

I hope you’ll believe that you will move mountains with that heart inside your chest

I hope we do this dance forever

Because I did and still do with all my heart I confess

I’ll brave the stormy weather all again. Just to recieve God’s best

If it means you’d be the rainbow on the other side of the mess

I’ll ride for you and walk through life with you

As long as you promise to let me hold you up when you need to rest

Even in the face of adversity, you live up to the “S” on your chest

I know all our days will not be sunshine and rainbows.
May we always have love in the midst of woes

Showing up for the highs and lows

My heart is full and you have my love locked down like that song by Kanye west

I just want to build a tribe with you and you don’t have to guess

My heart is all in

You even give my daughter love

There is no doubt that your assignment is from above

I wish you all the blessings that your life can stand. You are poetry

A prayer I say openly

A miraculous blessing I didn’t see coming

I am down for the long haul and always be forthcoming

“If only you knew” I’ll never stop humming

You are poetry



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