Daily Prompt: Simplify

I believe in open doors

That less is more

Losing yourself to belong

Keeps your integrity wrong

How can confidence come home

If insecurity tells it that it doesn’t belong

Perfect lives do not exist

Comparison often lurking in the midst

Pack light for this flight

Take your seat to the right

 Once you decide to drop the weight

You can elevate

Don’t stand on your tip toes looking down at others

We are all sisters and brothers

Undercover lovers

Lovers of simplicity

Yet reject authenticity

By doing the most

Bragging and boasting constantly online

why live this lie

Don’t you want to simplify

Even if you stand alone

Reclaiming your backbone

Following the crowd in hopes to be well-known

Try your wings

You can grow even if know no one else springs

Spring into action

Don’t let dying to the wrong things be your distraction


So you can fly

It’s ok if you need to cry

Sometimes the why is in goodbye





via Daily Prompt: Simplify


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