Poetry Prompt: A Freedom Fighter


I had to fight monsters to get here to you

Arrows aimed at my heart that I dodged made my hands black and blue

Words projected that weren’t respected

The things my ears heard and redirected

To the places that it needed to be buried-straight to the grave

Dying so that I could live

Wouldn’t give up or bow down

Swimming through exhaustion while fighting not to drown

Marching on wearing my crown

Though it was obvious my enemies didn’t think I deserve to wear it

I’d grin and bear it

Feeling the weight of the hate

Knowing the attacks on my self-worth were misplaced

I built a bridge made of grace

So I wouldn’t have to live under the shadow of second-rate

Worthy despite the acknowledgment

I climb the walls I stuff myself in

Then burned them down

All the while holding tightly to my crown

Silenced from knowing freedoms sound

Walked the ground with a heavy heart

Cried the tears that cause the flood to start

Built a boat

Never to gloat

I just wanted to be free of poison

Not letting love and light in

I wanted to get to you

To see who you would be

So I held it down

Seen you around

Listened to Ali floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee

Dominated all the monsters that tried to kill me

No more gas-lighting, projections or misnaming who I am

Forgiveness offered through the lamb

Here I stand

Glad to meet you, extending my hand

Welcome to me

Hey girl, I am glad to see you

You survived with your beautiful self

Suppose they hated the depths of the wealth they too could see in you

Lived the story, brought the shirt and fought the monsters

Tread lightly

You don’t know this me

That I fought to be

I won’t take your stuff

I’ll call your bluff

Sit down and be quite

They’ll be no riot

God is fighting for me in my silence

I suggest you not try it


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