Poetry Prompt: Articulate

Like raining water on a parched desert

Now I’m no expert

Searching the reflection in the mirror

Confidence making my vision clearer

Giving birth to the words that are nestled in my throat

Pushing through the contractions should bring them afloat

Fitting like a glove

Something I could fall into the habit of

Holding it down I couldn’t let drown

So I slip up

These three words now a newborn

Knowing the birth date was worth the wait

The opposite of hate

Heart beating fast but my mind is at ease

Like the perfect breeze

Green grass and blossoming trees

Possibly the best lemonade after being thrown lemons

Saying the vows

Sitting on this cloud

Need to speak so your number I dial

It’s a revolution against the wronged

Dance and a song

Straight up love jones

Standing tall in places they claim we don’t belong

I paint your skin

Well equipped for the win

Feels like the first day of school in the fresh outfit

The light bill paid

Hot dinner made

What glitter must feel like rolling off my lips

Running to the finish line to claim the prize

Like sunsets and sunrise

Lifting the fog navigating a maze

Reaping a harvest

Realizing holding back almost starve us

Glad I didn’t rush

Like prayer at noon

What it must feel like to land on the moon

Forehead kisses

Crowning me your Mrs

Long haul love that’s what this is


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