Shock To The System: Where Is The Depth?

Sitting across from you speaking on everything and nothing

I came for depth and while you speak I keep searching and hunting

Instead, I found frustration

Watching myself observing paint dry

Do you know that you might be living a lie

Did you know that you can break down and cry

Still, try to fly

Even ask how and why

What is it that you need to be pulled out of you

All the rugs they swept you under to get you out of view

Now you are out of focus

Trying to suppress your truth is how they broke you

Calling your name

Stop playing this game

You can be true and I can me

This is a safe place

If you save space for the truth to roam free

They killed you legally

Telling you what you couldn’t be

Wake up

Your purpose is calling you

Come out of the shallow end

Trying to save you I grin and I bend

Can’t you see I’m a true friend

Aint like your kin

Be yourself

Break free before you break me

Where is the depth

I am perplexed


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