Though I Stumble

I just turned thirty over a month ago. I’ve placed a lot of expectations on entering a new decade. Not much has changed unless you want to speak on how sleepy I’ve been.

I have realized as much as I want to plan and orchestrate every moment of my life. Life happens and I am not in control.

There is judgment when I am most in need of grace. I must give it to myself even when no one else renders me worthy. That’s how you keep the lock and key on your self-worth.

I know what it feels like being misunderstood and have people try to chain you to your mistakes. Steer clear of falling into victimhood trying to get others to identify with your life walk. It happened and no one other than you can emphasize with what certain events have done to you.

We don’t always get it right even when we mean well. People we love and care about will disappoint us and desert us. We will experience heartbreak, being lied to and lied on.

There is resistance we must not live in fear. Great friends will be found in the people who show up, support and stand by us when we have nothing. Their presence will make us feel like we have everything. Go on adventures with them. It will be unforgettable.

People will be envious and mean-spirited. Some will project their issues. Honestly, brazenness might make us default to this behavior unknowingly.

We will fall and have to get back up repeatedly because this life is hard as heck. This is mercy and grace that I speak of. Life is not perfect social media post and great lighting.

Despite the overwhelming odds. We can not cry too long. Keep performing CPR on dead chapters. Every day we are a better version of the person that we were yesterday. When they tell you that you’ve change be grateful for the compliment. Even if it is seasoned with bitterness.

We have to know that versions of you will die to get to where you are going. We will lose battles with no explanation as to why. We will win battles and discovered newfound strength.

We will struggle to make ends meet while our neighbor is prideful, ungrateful, unkind and uncharitable. We must uphold ourselves to a greater standard regardless.

We will lose loved ones and feel like we are going through life with missing a limb for a while because grief is a process. No one can learn anything from a perfect person. Our imperfections will save lives.

We will stand tall as everything around us crumbles in some seasons. Walking out of our storms. Becoming an answered prayer for someone.

In the moments when you have no idea how you are going to make it. God will step into our valleys and make a river.

Life has its highs and lows. Choosing a healthy mindset will decide which will supersede the other. So hold tight to your blessings. Stay ready for the come up. Remain vigilant and unafraid.

Love is water and light. It is giving yourself over to who wants to see you stay whole. Remember this when people try to rob you. Also known as one sided relationships in the form of family, friends or platonic.

Your time is coming. Just keep running. Look up. Though I may stumble. Though you may stumble we will not fall. Remember we are all in need of mercy like air.


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