Is It Too Late?

How your throat must have been raw

For all the times you wanted to stand tall but you had to crawl

Swallowing the things you could not say

Less of yourself day by day

To stay alive

It is through your survival, how I arrive

In this world today

Because of the price you paid

So I wonder why do we wear mask

Trading morals for cash

Should use our voice to give light and come unmasked

We are blessed why don’t we bask

Why do I have to ask

Did we forget

Slavery’s pit

Our ancestor walked through hell

In a field of cotton that had to feel like a cell

Whipped, beaten and separated

That time things were segregated

Chained to lie

Why don’t we fly

Do you know how many tears our people must have cried

And yet we hide

Can’t even work side by side

Yes we are resilient

Equally brilliant

In our DNA we still can feel it

But to reap this harvest is gon’ take a village

Why are you chillin’

You have been chosen

We are the ones he put the gold in

May have bent but not broken

He’s coming back for his people

His wrath is lethal

Get up, lets go

Break the chains that block the flow

Stand in your light its how you glow

Our ancestors endured more than we could ever fathom

Misnamed and mistreated with no compassion

Don’t be the reason its the next fashion

Study the times

Look at the headlines

Is it too late for this debate


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